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Greg Biagini

Senior Tax Manager

I have been able to strengthen my presence and influence as a leader. Cameron's professional knowledge has been an invaluable asset in our coaching sessions.

Julie Nicolai

Tax Manager


Eric Jackson

Tax Supervisor

Coaching has provided a process in which I can take some time to reflect on my life goals and integrate my personal and work priorities so that they are in alignment with my values.

Working with Cameron has opened up a safe space to examine myself and evaluate where I would like to be. This has sharpened my focus on setting and taking action on key goals.

David Wu

Tax Senior


Being coached by Cameron has enhanced my ability to manage my responsibilites effectively and create new tools to measure progress against my targeted goals. 

Erick Gonzales

Tax Associate

My confidence and effectiveness has increased as a result of the work I am doing with Cameron. It has helped me understand how to better approach and work with people on the team.

Sam Jue

Tax Associate


Cameron has helped me gauge the things in my work and personal life that are truly important to me. His work with me has made me more ambitious, confident and forward thinking.

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