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Find the Right Coach for You

Selecting the Right Coach for You

A coach can be your inspiration to manifest big change, one who whispers to your soul, and shouts through the noise all around you. He or she is the one who CARES about you at the heart level and also challenges you at your core.

The right coach will be someone who you will be completely comfortable sharing your most authentic self with. And at the same time makes you uncomfortable with being less than your best self. The right coach challenges your thinking and inspires you to become a better you.

Chemistry or Rapport

The most important quality to consider in choosing a coach for you is chemistry. Do you feel good energy? Do you genuinely like the coach as a person? Do you believe he\she cares about you and will be a champion for you?


Trust is built on positive rapport. If you like someone it is much easier to build trust. And trust is essential to doing transformational work with a coach. You need to be able to share your deeper desires, needs, and personal challenges with your coach to do your best work.


You need a coach who has experience, one who has had professional training in the core competencies of coaching. Look for a coach that has completed an ICF (International Coaching Federation) approved training course.

Coaching Focus\Style

Some coaches focus on women’s issues, some on men’s. Some are life focused, some are career or executive focused. Some coaches focus on performance and goals. Some on fitness and well-being. Do your research and ask questions so you will find a coach who focuses on the issues that are most important to you now.

What style or method resonates with you? Some coaches are Somatic and work with the relationship of mind and body. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) coaches specialize in working with the client on many levels including, physical, emotional, visual, kinesthetic and auditory. They leverage the visual pictures we form in our minds and words we use to pattern our thoughts to restructure or reframe our experiences and make transformational changes.

Personal Profile

What kind of life or professional experience do you want from your coach? Do you want a coach who has faced similar challenges as you? Do you need a coach who understands the corporate or tech world? Would you like someone who has some similar interests or at least has an appreciation for what you are passion about in life? Do you need someone who is of your generational age range or someone who has faced more changes over time?

Be Bold

Ask the questions. Get the answers that will result in the best decision for you! This is a special relationship like none other you will ever have in life.

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