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Clarity - Driving with a Clean Windshield

Road Trip

This summer I had the wonderful experience of stopping at a “Full Service Gas Station” on a road trip to Oregon. The service station attendant ran out to my car, began to fill it with gasoline and then proceeded to clean my windshield like a pro. It was so dirty and bugged up! He did an incredible job. Now my perspective was clear and I was ready to get back on the road.

When you drive with a clean windshield, your experience is so much more enjoyable, and safe travel to your destination is improved. When you have clarity in your life and work, the same is true. Clarity impacts both your experience and results. High performing individuals and organizations understand the power of clarity. Taking some time to intentionally create clarity in your own life is fun and rewarding.

"Clarity will Optimize Your Experience and Results"

Here are my Big Four Bug Busting (clarifying) questions that will help you get started. Be as complete, specific and descriptive as you can to increase your clarity. You may also ask a close friend or family member for their thoughts if you get stuck.

1. Who are You?

There is only one you. Work to clearly understand and identify your unique abilities, interests, strengths and talents. You will be better able to connect to opportunities, leverage these abilities and create value for others.

2. What do You want?

It is difficult to make decisions and plot a course for your life if you don’t know what you want. Think about what motivates you or what is most important to you. Setting goals and determining a strategy will help you focus your energy on the actions that will get you there.

3. Why do You want it?

This is about knowing yourself at your core including your purpose, beliefs and values. Understanding your “Why” will steer you to the people, opportunities, experiences and things that are most meaningful to you. It will sharpen your personal brand and make you stand out.

4. How do You show up?

You may often wonder what others think about you. But how often do you proactively determine how you will show up at work with colleagues, social events, or difficult situations? While the first three questions are focused on you, your response to this fourth question will impact your outcomes in your relationships with others.

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