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My personal vision is to identify a select group of culturally creative firms in the bay area to partner with and help them attract, hire and develop the most talented professionals. I want to work with firms that invest in their people and treat them well. I will offer coaching\training, human resource consulting and talent acquisition services to these firms.


I am only interested in working with the highest quality people. What I look for is a strong balance of people, technical, and engagement management skills. I have been very successful in identifying talent, seeing potential and developing people.



Bridging connections with the academic and business communities to educate students about the many diverse career opportunities in accounting is foundational work.  I accomplish this by mentoring and coaching students, forming strong relationships with professors, and participating in student organizations\presentations through professional organizations like CalCPA, Beta Alpha Psi and other student academic associations.


"I strongly feel that good people deserve to be in good firms. I also strongly believe that good firms deserve the best people. I help people with this important life decision. It's about finding the place where you belong, feel understood and are appreciated for your work."

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