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Leadership Coaching


Designed to deliver senior executives, managers, and high potential professionals the competitive edge that will secure a best in class future for the firm. This plan will accelerate strong leadership development attributes in your people, create stickiness, and attract top talent to the firm. Individuals will establish goals and work with the coach to achieve desired results. Hourly meetings are scheduled over a 12-week period. 

Laser Coaching

Skill focused 30-minute individual sessions designed to improve performance results of less experienced professionals. Typical areas might include workplace expectations, managing workflow, effective communication strategies with team and clients. One or more sessions may be scheduled as determined by the individual needs and objectives of the executive group.

Boot Camps\Targeted Group Training

Programs will be structured around key groups needs and interests. Objectives will be tied to strategic initiatives and provide career development for participants, business value to the firm, and strengthen client relationships. The meeting format is dynamic, interactive and experiential. The group members will be encouraged to share success stories, discuss current challenges and brainstorm solutions. The coach will create a collaborative environment that will challenge conventional thinking and foster creative solutions.


Strategic Consulting

Executive leadership goal setting, planning, decision-making and implementation can be challenging for SME professional service organizations. My years of experience in strategic planning, consulting, coaching and business operations can be leveraged to assist the executive committee. The executive team will move more purposefully and quickly towards achieving agreed upon organizational goals. I provide expertise and knowledge to drive successful decisions and outcomes.  Work may include such areas as vision and values clarification, collaborative culture creation, brand recognition, talent acquisition, succession planning, client selection\niche service criteria and other practice management challenges.

Human Resource Consulting

Strategic integration of effective HR processes, programs and practices into the firm’s daily operations is more important than ever in a talent competitive market. I provide human resource management advisory services to business owners and HR managers. This includes consultation and guidance to senior management to ensure business practices are in accordance with human resource policies and labor laws. I also provide consultation on market compensation\benefit trends and clarification of roles. I work with executive leadership teams to create and implement effective talent management, performance empowerment and employee involvement programs. These drive the acquisition of top talent, accelerate career development, create a sticky culture and solve the long-term succession dilemma.

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