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Authentic Man Group

Being Perfect is not Being Real. Being Real is Being Perfect.

One Intention

  • Create a Space for Men to Become Who They were Meant to Be

Five Objectives

  • Discover who you really are and what you value

  • Learn to be authentic in all aspects of your life

  • Connect with other guys on a deeper relational level

  • Transform your emotions and unlock your passion

  • Give back to your community and share your talents

Ten Meetings

  • Signature Path - Your Unique Journey

  • Vita Contemplativa or Vita Activa - Human Being or Human Doing

  • Self Acceptance and Dignity - Loving Yourself

  • Hearing Your Own Voice - Understanding Yourself

  • Change Your Life - Challenge Your Beliefs and Agreements

  • Being a Friend - Connecting on a Deeper Level

  • Creating Peace from Within - Clarify and Live Your Values

  • Discover Your Brand - How You Show Up and What you Attract

  • Transform Your Emotions and Unlock Your Passion

  • Giving Back - The Greatest Gift You Will Ever Receive

Sharing    Discussion     Activities    Connecting   Journaling   Practice

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