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One of a Kind

There is only one you. As my close buddy says, "I choose to be me because there is no one else who can do it better."​

Your Signature Path

You travel a unique path like no other. You connect with a select group of people who influence who you become. You move through different experiences that shape your thoughts, feelings and actions.


Your Authentic Self

For professionally successful guys the Self is often put aside. ​​It gets buried by all the things you "Do" in life. You become a "Human Doing" instead of "Human Being".


Powerful Change from Within

Your work with me will be transformational and exciting. You will increase your self awareness, clarify your true values, unlock your passion and connect with your authentic self. My focus is You. My role is to listen intently so your real voice will be heard, question powerfully so your heart will be understood, and challenge thoughtfully so your mind will be focused on those things most important to you.


Executive Coaching

Custom program based on individual goals, interests and needs

Authentic Man

Guided Men's Group with an emphasis on growing through shared experiences and meaningful connection with others

Leadership Values

Personal inventory and assessment of strengths, talents and values

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